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  portada : ficha del libro 'Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa. Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies'

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Librería Calamo  Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa. Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies

Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa. Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies - Dinar, Ariel

Autor Principal: Dinar, Ariel
Autor 2: Hassan, Rashid
Autor 3: Mendelsohn, Robert
ISBN: 978-1-84407-547-8
Año edición: 2008
Páginas: 160
Precio:   81.94 €

Precio vigente salvo error tipográfico o cambio por parte de la editorial. Si hubiera alguna variación Cálamo se lo comunicaría antes del envío.

This landmark book encompasses a comprehensive quantitative analysis and assessment of the extent of potential economic impacts of future climate change, and value of adaptation measures in Africa for different zones, regions, countries and farm types.

Researchers developed and applied multipliable analytical methods and procedures to assess quantitatively how climate affects current agricultural systems in Africa, predict how these systems may be affected in the future by climate change under various global warming scenarios, and suggest what role adaptation could play. The study is the first to combine both country level and cross-country, spatially referenced household survey and climatic data for conducting this type of analysis.

This book provides vital knowledge about the impacts of climate change on Africa and serves as a guide to policy intervention strategies and investment in adaptation measures. It also makes a major contribution to knowledge about methods and approaches to analysing climate change impacts and developing adaptation strategies, especially in the highly vulnerable farming communities in the developing world.

Published with CEEPA and supported by the World Bank.
About the author(s)
Ariel Dinar is a Lead Economist at the Development Research Group of the World Bank, Washington DC, USA. Rashid Hassan is a Professor and the director of the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA) at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Robert Mendelsohn is a Professor of Economics in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, USA. James Benhin is technical coordinator at CEEPA, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
Introduction and Rationale * Objectives, Structure, Methodology, Organisation and Countries` Agro-Climatic Conditions * Methods and Models * Country Analyses * Regional Analyses * Summary, Conclusions and Policy Implications * Appendixes including Literature Review * Bibliography, Index

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