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  portada : ficha del libro 'Sustainable Agriculture And Food Security In An Era Of Oil Scarcity. Lessons From Cuba'

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Librería Calamo  Sustainable Agriculture And Food Security In An Era Of Oil Scarcity. Lessons From Cuba

Sustainable Agriculture And Food Security In An Era Of Oil Scarcity. Lessons From Cuba - Wright, Julia

Autor Principal: Wright, Julia
ISBN: 978-1-84407-572-0
Año edición: 2008
Páginas: 256
Precio:   98.10 €

Precio vigente salvo error tipográfico o cambio por parte de la editorial. Si hubiera alguna variación Cálamo se lo comunicaría antes del envío.

`There is a great deal of interest in Cuba, including in its radical departure from agricultural policy norms, and in what nations will have to do in the coming years in the context of peak oil. The author has a deep experience of recent transitions in Cuba, and there will be great interest in this book.` Professor Jules Pretty, University of Essex, UK

`This is a topical book, now that climate change, the end of cheap oil, growing international disparities and the untenability of the current approaches lead to the insight that business as usual is not in order. The world can learn a great deal from the way Cuba handled its food crisis.` Niels Roling, Emeritus Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

When other nations are forced to rethink their agricultural and food security strategies in light of the post-peak oil debate, they only have one living example to draw from: that of Cuba in the 1990s. Based on the first and - up till now - only systematic and empirical study to come out of Cuba on this topic, this book examines how the nation successfully headed-off its own food crisis after the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc in the early 1990s.

The author identifies the policies and practices required for such an achievement under conditions of petroleum-scarcity, and throws down the gauntlet to the mainstream, market-driven approach to achieving food security being imposed on vulnerable developing regions. Paradoxically, the book debunks the myth that Cuba turned to a widespread organic approach to agriculture, a myth that is perpetuated as the majority of visitors to the country, including researchers and journalists, only visit urban production which is predominantly organic. In rural regions, to which the author had unique access, high-input and integrated approaches are advocated for the majority of production, despite the fluctuations in availability of agrochemicals and fuel.
About the author(s)
Dr Julia Wright has 20 years experience in sustainable and organic agriculture, and food security. She is currently Manager of the International Development Programme at the Henry Doubleday Research Association (Coventry, UK), trustee of the Bioregional Development Group, and on the steering committee of Transition Town Leamington (UK).
Introduction * Cuba: Providing a Model for a Post-Petroleum Food System? * Post-Petroleum Food Systems: The Challenges * A Slice of History * Food Systems Transformation: From Dependency to Greater Sovereignty * Cuban Agriculture: A Patchwork of Approaches * Challenges Encountered to Mainstreaming Sustainable Agriculture * Policy Implications of Cuba`s Experiences and Achievements in Sustaining its Food Security Base * Appendices * References * Glossary * Index

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