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  portada : ficha del libro 'Bioenergy Crops. A Development Guide and Species Refence'

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Librería Calamo  Bioenergy Crops. A Development Guide and Species Refence

Bioenergy Crops. A Development Guide and Species Refence - El Bassam, N.

Autor Principal: El Bassam, N.
ISBN: 978-1-84407-540-9
Año edición: 2008
Páginas: 352
Precio:   98.53 €

Precio vigente salvo error tipográfico o cambio por parte de la editorial. Si hubiera alguna variación Cálamo se lo comunicaría antes del envío.

Biomass currently accounts for about 15 per cent of global primary energy consumption and is playing an increasingly important role in the world`s energy consumption in the face of the energy crisis and climate change. Which crops make up this large percentage of our energy resources? Where do they grow and what can be done to boost their levels of production? What impact does their cultivation have on the environment and development?

Bioenergy Crop Species begins with a guide to biomass accumulation, harvesting, transportation and storage, as well as conversion technologies for biofuels. This is followed by an examination of the environmental impact and economic and social dimensions, including prospects for renewable energy. The book then goes on to cover all the main potential energy crops. For each main species it gives a brief description, outlines the ecological requirements, methods of propagation, crop management, rotation and production, harvesting, handling and storage, processing and utilization and finishes with selected references.

This completely revised second edition includes new information on biomass in relation to climate change, new coverage of vital issues including the `food versus fuel` debate, and essential new information on `second generation` fuels and advances in conversion techniques.

Praise for first edition
`Energy Plant Species is not to be missed... this book is the result of a great deal of solid academic and practical study that will provide a starting place for farmers, developers and others interested both in agriculture and wider aspects of natural resources`
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About the author(s)
Dr. N. El Bassam is the Director of International Research Centre for Renewable Energy (IFEED) in Germany.
Foreword * Preface * Part I: Basic Elements of Biomass Accumulation * Harvesting, Transportation and Storage * Conversion Technologies * Environmental Impact * Economic and Social Dimensions * Prospects for Renewable Energy * Part II : Energy Plant Species * Appendices * Index

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